Sazuth's First Party Contract

The contract is about a page long, and easily readable within a minute (for those who can read Common); it is essentially a formal incorporation of the party, holding all members to good-faith conduct as discussed here, in The Stop at Midergard, and oulined below:

  • No Stealing
  • No unprovoked violence (or threats of violence).
  • Equal distribution of loot
    • Items that cannot be split are to be sold (party members may purchase the item if they so desire, bidding on the item if more than one member is interested).
  • No accusations without proof.
  • General co-operation: defend each other, vouch for each other, inform the party of all possible threats, etc.
  • Disputes are to be settled by lots/dice/etc. if other non-violent methods fail.
  • Allows for individual members to suspend part of the contract for a time, but only between themselves.

It additionally outlines that Saz (identified as “the writer and undersigned”) is willing to specifically aid the party in any means he is capable of, including:

  • limited healing,
  • wise counsel, and
  • any other useful task, such as may be discovered (e.g. identification, scouting, and clerical services).

The contract also stipulates all of the usual good stuff about indemnity, lack of liability, no guarantees, etc. etc. The contract is very straightforward with no double-talk, and essentially says that all the undersigned are party members. The terms are fairly generous, and relaxed, but specific enough to hold up in any court that would consider the case. There is a small section at the bottom written in Common that, effectively gives The Nine full authority to oversee the contract and exact judgement on any who break it.


There is a red and black mark in the shape of a broken inverted pentagram adorning the bottom of the page where a seal would normally go; it matches the symbol about Saz’ neck.

Attached to a previous edition of the document was a letter from the baroness stating her intent that [Saz] join the group in their endeavors, which was affixed with her personal seal. The contract disappeared with Saz when he was recalled.

Sazuth's First Party Contract

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