Midergard (Town Center)


Midergard is centered on the main highway called the Forsym Road, and is roughly divided into four major quarters. Along the main road are a few ‘first-stops’ such as taverns and inns, as well as a few premier shops and stores, and of course two of the major government buildings: the magistrate’s office, and the courthouse (also the police house). The crossroads forms a diamond-shaped town square about which are arranged four of Midergard’s major establishments: the Trade Center (NE), the Midergard Cathedral of Jelears (SW), the Halfhouse Inn & Tavern (SE), and the Town Store (NW).

The Midergard Cathedral of Jelears
The cathedral is built atop and into a rocky base in the three-wing style common to Jelears’ worhip sites as representative of Jelears’ “tripartite” nature. With no obstruction to the architecture (indeed the site is quite ideal), those who know about Jelears’ clergy and cathedrals would rightly assume that it is fully enclosed, with the clerics retiring to internal quarters rather than amongst the rest of the citizenry. The clerics believe it symolizes the manner in which they’ve been chosen to set themselves apart from other tasks.

As is often the case with Jelears’ cathedrals, one wing is physically larger than the other two; as usual, this wing is devoted to Jelears’ status as the goddess of harvest. The structure rises at least two stories (the first level has a high ceiling) and, like most of Jelears’ cathedrals, leaves no access to the inner courtyard from the outside. The cathedral is constructed from stone and glass, in a somewhat gothic architectural style, using primarily grey-scale coloring, except for the stained-glass windows, and great wooden doors.

The Halfhouse Inn & Tavern
The inn is a low-slung two-story building with a golden thatched roof and white walls accented with dark brown wooden beams and spars on the second floor; the first floor walls made from cobbled stones; not unlike an over-sized cottage. Though on the outside it seems as though only a halfling or gnome could be comfortable in here, the interior is surprisingly spacious, accomodating all but the biggest of folk. The light, polished wooden furnishings add to the flavor of the tavern; a sprawling, homely place to relax with plenty of space between the tables amidst the main floor, and even a section cleared for entertainment, dancing, and other such things. The proprietor appears to be a rotund, yet agile halfling or gnomish woman who answers to “Betsy” “Bella” “Betty” “Bessy” or just about any other name like that; she always seems to have her hands full with frothing tankards or trays, as do the other serving girls. According to Liram, the owner of the Hog’s Roast Tavern, Farl Gillson has recently come to own the Halfhouse.

The Midergard Trade Center
This large, three-story building, is kind of like a massive indoor-outdoor bazaar. There is space enough to take a cart in through the front doors, and open lofts on the second floor with cranes and winches set to raise or lower bulk items to merchants below. Sellers, bookkeepers, and their associates haggle back and forth in the immediate vicinity, but the courtyard in the back is where the travelling merchants go to buy and sell wares piece-meal. The town watch tends to patrol the Merchant Quarter more heavily, so toughs of all kinds can be seen around here.

The Midergard Town Store
This simple, two-story rough-shod building seems quite weatherworn; as a place that’s seen a lot. Some of the slate-gray shingles are starting to peel along the roof, and various, seemingly unrelated things adorn the front walls under the overhang; the only hint as to what’s inside is a rickety wooden sign swinging from a yard-arm above the door with the blackened words “General Store” burnt into it. The place has a reputation for selling just about any gear or hardware a traveller, adventurer, or other jack could want, from packs to lamps to rope . . . even block & tackle. The owner, a man named Gerald Fletchrock, has a stern, hard-nosed appearance befitting his name; they say he used to hunt dragons.

The Midergard Office of the Magistrate
At first glance this classically designed stone building looks as if it might be another one of the mansions assumed to litter the Apple Quarter. From the fancy columns to the perfectly cut steps, this large building occupies a wide lot along the Forsym Road, close to the exact center of the town of Midergard. Once passed the white wooden doors, however, and the entry foyer of this two-story building looks even less like a public building; with the sweeping stairways rolling out from either side, adorned with red carpets, and a marble floor and gilded decor to boot! Even the wooden furnishings and paneling towards the far end looks like it must be mahogany or some other fine and expensive material. A clerk sits poised to help newcomers; if they can get to the front desk through all the hustle around here. Apparently the upper floor has a large meeting hall for the town council; their offices are probably up there too.

The Midergard Courthouse
This two-story grey stone building sits along the Forsym Road near the center of town looking as much like a mansion as the Magistrate’s Office, but more lackluster and imperialistic in decor. The courthouse is one of the few of the old stone buildings in town that is still decorated with gargoyles or other such things. The building wraps around a central courtyard that is separated from the road by a colonnade; in fact, the colonnade surrounds the courtyard creating an extended veranda. All three sides or wings are two stories tall, with slate-gray slanted roofs, except in the middle of the central wing, where an extra section raises yet another story up to a dome. The main entrance is marked by an extension of the veranda that sticks out a bit into the courtyard, and a large, simple fountain adorns the middle of the plaza. The interior begins with smoothly finished stone walls, much like a mansion. The entrance crosses a hallway to the main lobby, which is a rotunda with staircases curving back along its flanks and a wide doorway at the back leading to another hall. A great chandelier is fixed high above the rotunda floor.

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