Midergard (Temple Quarter)


The southeastern (SE) quarter begins with a row of inns, taverns, restaraunts, pastry shops, bakeries, butchers, and the like, almost immediately backed by a section of cozy hovels much like those to the northwest, but more of these tend to be brick or stone structures. The Temple Plaza, lies in the midst of this quarter, lined with houses and businesses alike. In fact, most of the food and hospitality businesses in town can be found here: between the Temple Plaza and the main streets. What most dominates the southeast quarter however, is the Enclave of The Creator and the Midergard Gardens: a park situated between the enclave and the outer wall. The Halfhouse Inn & Tavern is one of the more popular establishments of the southeastern quarter; it sits in the center of town (almost literally).

The Enclave of The Creator in Midergard
The enclave appears to sit on a flat base, and is surrounded by a tall white wall higher than most of the manor walls, but not quite as high as the outer wall; brick tops the wall and interrupts it in columns that are in turn topped with statuettes of rearing unicorns. Entry is permitted only by a single, gateless opening in the enclave’s northeastern curtain wall. Within the enclave, the landscape is more natural and pastoral, perhaps even more so than one might expect of a temple founded by paladins. The path leading to the temple from the gate winds a bit, flanked by several great oak trees that are spaced and somewaht staggered; around them the ground rolls with rich and lush green grass, perforated here and there with flower patches and other decorative undergrowth; the atmosphere is serene and lively.

The temple itself is the largest structure in the enclave, flanked and surrounded immediately by gardens, and in front of the gardens (towards the entrance) are two smaller houses with open doorways. Amidst the temple and secondary houses is a large stone fountain, bedecked with rearing unicorn just like the walls. Temple guards stand (visibly) alert at the enclave gate and the temple door. The temple itself is a work of classical architectural art with its roof sloping to both sides, supported around the main structure by many columns with capitals fancifully carved after the likenesses of leaves and horses. The large temple doors are made of sturdy wood, probably oak, carved in rich but simple manner, after the likeness of leafy vines, highlighting the beauty of nature and prominently featuring two rampant facing unicorns above a great oak tree carved across both of the doors. The outer temple walls are white, with recessed and frescoed reliefs embossed along the middle that depict scenes of nature, creation, life, and similar motifs. The two smaller houses are similarly constructed and embellished, with images of horses and lions and other noble animals; sheer curtains fill the doorways.

The Midergard Gardens
A great and magnificent grove, the Gardens are in many ways just that: a collection of coterminous gardens. But the park is more than that, for it maintains a sort of natural and uniform cohesion despite the varieties of flora therein. The locals like to think of it as a little scrap of nature, without the dangerous beasts or vermin. A large pond is the central feature, half lined with evergreens that characterize the Gardens generally. These tall, slender trees are used often throughout the gardens to create natural sections between different kinds of plants, mostly flowering ones, and all well kept and tended; vibrant and colorful specimens all around. The other side of the park is mostly open grass with but one gigantic oak tree in its approximate middle. All throughout the Midergard Gardens, or Midergarden (and yes there are apple trees in here too) as some would dub the place, are lively and cheerful birds, mostly ducks in the pond and songbirds on the branch, and small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and other shy but aesthetic creatures. The wall that demarks the park is a low white one topped with red brick and backed with an 8’ hedge of holly bushes that are bespotted with red berries in the winter, which are in turn overshadowed by taller row evergreen trees that must stand about 20’ high.

The Temple Plaza
Not much more than a relatively small central commons, the Temple Plaza is situated near the center of the quarter, a bit closer to the main road. The plaza’s spacious center is dominated by a large water fountain; to the north and west it is surrounded by shops, restaraunts, and taverns; to the east and south are homes and houses, begining with moderate, walled homes and rolling up to wealthier mansions. The Temple entrance is at the southwest end of the Plaza.

The Midergard Bath Houses

The Midergard Physician’s Clinic

The Hog’s Roast Tavern
One of the businesses along the south road that borders this quarter (on a side alley actually, seemingly ill-positioned) is an inn & tavern called the Hog’s Roast Tavern that really is more tavern than inn. A simple but well built wooden structure, the Hog’s Roast Tavern is known in town as a place where mercenaries can sometimes find employment. Those “in the know” know that paladins and guardsmen rarely visit, but the reason isn’t clear. It has a roof that slopes from the back side down to the front, leaving little room space up top for much more than an attic, or so it appears from the outside. Liram, the tavernkeep and owner, will sometimes rent the space out, and also acts as a headhunter of sorts for mercs and their employers; he’s rumored to have friendly relations with a powerful aristocrat in Forsym City.

A couple of serving girls work at the Hogshead, as it’s often called thanks to the mantle-piece; they usually come in for the lunch and dinner hours; leaving after the crowd dies down. A fairly large place, the Hogshead is spacious enough to accomodate several dozen patrons without breaking out any new tables or cramping most people’s space; the place doesn’t usually get enough business for a full house though.

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