Midergard (Merchant Quarter)


The northeast (NE) quarter of Midergard is the merchant quarter; mostly dominated by massive warehouses and trade centers, common areas help to keep space between the buildings and allow traffic to flow freely. Major merchants from all around likely spend most of their time in this district, buying or selling their lots; farmers along the road north of Midergard bring their produce in, and sell it at the granaries here; imperial merchants in turn buy the foodstuffs, and everyone makes a profit. Produce however is not the only commodity to be bought in Midergard; indeed most general products can be found here, whether made in town or purchased from foreign merchants; the town does not yet support many, if any exotic markets. The Midergard Trade Center is the most representative building of this district; a busy, bustling place surrounded and inundated with people of all kinds.

Behind the warehouses is the poor district; the homes there are mostly wooden, single-story shacks, so closely packed together that many are technically the same building; brick and stone seem to be reserved only for the poorhouse and the orphanage. Some of the houses here are not so bad however; single-story lots with some space about them, some are even made from brick or stone; these are closer to the north road. Back towards the outer wall is a tower curtained off from the rest of the town by a high stone wall; even as high as the outer wall.

The Midergard Granaries
These massive stone edifices rise like the gigantic legs of some colossal beast. The towers are supported by masonry columns that must be 15 or 20 feet thick; numerous gaps surround the upper levels of most of them, providing more space for the goods traded here. Each granary tends to focus on a specific type of produce: one for grains, one for fruits and vegetables, one for grains, and so on; each is built and run to specification. Cranes are installed to hoist large flats of goods into the granary, and dozens of laborers sort and stack them.

The Poorhouse and Orphanage
These large dreary buildings are made from old masonry stone and function as communal homes for those who are disenfranchised, broke, or just down on their luck. The town of Midergard does not recognize any slavery laws, and instead deals with debt via extreme forfeiture; the poorhouse and orphanage are at least indirect results of such a policy.

The Tower

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