Midergard (Craftsman's Quarter)


Behind the Town Store in the northwest (NW) quarter are mostly guildhouses and workshops of varied sorts. The first couple rows north of the road are stone or brick two-story structures, and afterwards wooden single-story buildings become more common, especially those situated on side-alleys that see less traffic; these tend to be more exotic shops in nature. Many of the shops are cider presses operating for the Midergard Houses that produce most of the resident export: “mider.” Other shops include general workshops such as carpenters, wainwrights, blacksmiths, jewelers, tanners, potters, etc., and some of these buildings are large guildhouses.

Beyond the shops and stores is a residential district of middle-class houses, some brick or stone, others wooden, but all of them with appreciable (if limited) space about them. One of the last buildings in the craftsman’s district proper is a Church of The Reborn, whose preaching appears to focus around renewal, growth (i.e. prosperity), healing, and forgiveness.

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Midergard (Craftsman's Quarter)

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