Midergard (Apple Quarter)


The southwestern (SW) quarter is definitely the wealthy district; lavish mansions are the only homes to be found in this area, each surrounded by a wall 8-10’ high or more: these belong to the Midergard Houses, minor aristocrats of relative means. A few public buildings and businesses lie between the mansions and the cathedral of Jelears, but most of the land is reserved for the growing of apples; the cider presses are in the northwest quarter; one of the effects of Midergard incorporating as a town was that the aristocracy could no longer dominate the production of cider.

Few of the mansions of Midergard’s Apple Quarter reach high enough to be seen from the streets’ and most have but one or two openings in their private walls that are blocked by iron gates. From what can be seen of them, they tend to sprawl more than rise up: palatial villas of one or two stories, white walls, iron fixtures, brick accents, and reddish tiled roofs.

The Midergard Library

The Midergard Houses

House Babkin

Barkley Estate

Holbrook Mansion

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Midergard (Apple Quarter)

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