Kileana is the name given to the continent as known to the educated and elite among its humanoid denizens. The name was shared by a confederation of city-states that dominated its landscape, and has now been subsumed by the Imperial Republic that rose out of that arrangement. The name is also commonly used to refer to the world at large, especially in dealings with common folk who couldn’t care less about what might lie beyond the sea. At least two other major continents known to exist however: Verdana (Sha’ar as the natives call it), and Scizvana (Nugg Poi to the indigenous peoples).


Imperial laws are technically established by the Senate, which is elected from the nobility, but the Emperor’s very (continued) existence tends to keep him in power, if no longer in name. As far as anyone knows, the Emperor first appeared in the then Kileana City States and united them before moving on to take over much of the countryside; it was some five hundred years ago that he created the Imperial Republic.

The Core City-States:

When the Emperor first began conquering lands, it began with the Kileana City-States. The first was brutally, viciously, and unequivocably reduced to a bare skeleton of what it once was. The others quickly capitulated, each more quickly than the last. As a reward for their support, the Emperor generally left the ruling houses in charge of their domains, and granted them modest electoral rights in the form of a Senate. The Emperor and the Senate preside from the once wasted city-state that he first razed in his grand conquest.

The Outer Territories:

The Emperor and his loyal servants seek always to suppress the notion that the Empire does not in fact, rule all. Some of the independent countries, or Outer Territories as the Empire calls them, that may be known to the populace include the following:

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