Hyteron is one of the oldest of the city states of Kileana, and was the fifth to be inducted into the Empire. Unlike the other states, Hyteron seems always surrounded by life and light; the fields are more open, the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, the sun is brighter, birds sing, and the land is nearly a pastoral paradise. Popular opinion has it that beauty unfathomed can be found here: whether paintings, architecture, and even the maidens are reputed to be the fairest in all the lands – but imperial rule has tarnished even this bastion of righteousness.

Hyteron was governed for centuries by the line of dukes. During the Emperor’s conquest, his armies slew the duke’s crusading son, and he chose the duke’s daughter for his bride, forging Hyteron into the new Empire in a (relatively) peaceful manner. Hyteron is now governed between the office of the Arch-Count of Hyteron (the only arch count in the empire) and the Arch-Bishop of the Hyteron Orthodox Church of Alessa. The secular and the religious have been fused into a system of checks and counterbalances, overseen directly by the Emperor himself. The Church is usually the dominant authority in Hyteron; to that end, only the religions of Valden (the Judge and the Hermit), Emphyreon the Scales, Jelears the Fruitful, Farlenir the Field Warden, and Leoric the Sylph are permitted to openly worship – though the latter two are generally reserved to the glades and groves within the state boundaries.


  • Hyceron literally sits atop a large hill; its white and gold features are visible; even to the neighboring city-states: Halifax, Valden, Isthnea, ___, and Vargo. The term “hyceron” is synonymous with “shining city on a hill” and the capitol is a beacon of hope and goodwill across the lands.

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