Valden is the second of the original Kileana City-States to be conquered by the Emperor some 500 years ago. It is naturally dominated by the churches of Valden, most prominently as The Assassin aspect. Some people believe Valden is the Emperor’s birthplace, but official records regarding the Emperor are hard to come by. Though it has been over 500 years since the name was used, the State of Valden was once called Cottland, inhabited by a proud people known as the Cotts. These days however, few things from Valden bear a “Cottish” label; one such notable product is Cottsky1.


  • Valden City is the state capital located halfway between Forsym Palace and the Imperial City of Isthnea.
  • Old Cottsdam is the old capital of Valden; it lies now in ruins, on the southern shore of Smokey Lake in northern Valden. Most people in Valden are afraid to go anywhere near the place.
  • Hallowfast is a moorish place in northeastern Valden. Rumor has it that some of the old Cotts live in or around Hallowfast; giants among men they are said to be, fierce warriors, and relentless fighters.
  • Ogdenval is a small village in western Valden, between Anronel’s Crossing and Valden City. Nearby is a set of massive stones that, according to legend, were used by The Hermit to drive all serpents out of the land. It is rumored that some of the Old Druids still remain in the area.

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1 Cottsky is a famously hard whisky that connossieurs say has many varied and delectable tastes depending on the specific place of origin, and how it was made. Cottsky is usually clear or pale blueish-grey, but sometimes yellowish or brown, not unlike gold or honey. It is universally distinguished from other whiskys, or whiskeys, in that bog peat is used to fire the distillery.


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