The Story

Here follow the leads, quests, and other such matters that have come to the party’s attention.

Active Quests

Reconnaissance in Valden: The Baroness Eliana Forsym has commissioned the party for a hefty sum to investigate the area around Valden; specifically to discover what has become of previous servants she has tasked with the assignment.

The Emperor’s Weakness: The baroness believes there to be something in Valden that may be used to bring about the death of His “Eternal” Imperial Majesty Alain Hyms’l.


The Paradox Box: Lore was given a box by the baroness as part of (or instead of?) his payment for performing the task she requested of him. It has many highly unusual properties, and is supposed to be an object of great power.

A Woodland Encounter: Lore came across a shifty individual in the woods outside Forsym Palace seeking information about where the party was headed. The baroness believes him to be an Imperial Spy.

The Trickster Priest: According to Lore, the ‘mean trickster priest dat trick Big Daddy’ lives in Forest Glade; he has a sister there too.

Poison and Fire: A mysterious stranger was last seen exiting an inn in the woods between Forest Glade and Midergard, just before it burnt to the ground; this same stranger managed to apply to Lore’s skin one of the deadliest, most expensive poisons in the world before the fetchling could react.

Harbingers of Light: In one of the “dreamscapes” the party encountered a bodak that quickly reintegrated as a trio of harbinger archons. They kept repeating “Death to the workers of iniquity!” and things of that sort. Nearby a large, oddly shaped boulder turned out to have two tunnels in it on opposite sides; both went completely through the boulder, but not to the other side. One had a bluish mist of light at the end and the other was utter dark; both had shifting gravity in them. Up on the nearby slopes was a cavern or room that looked a lot like the inside of an explorer’s map room or a cartographers workshop. The room notably contained portals connecting to the boulder in the form of mirrors, but also a pool of swirling mist that apparently functioned as a gate or portal back to the real world.

Wandering Bodak: A bodak randomly happened along the road between Forest Glade and Midergard about 5 hours after dark (bodaks are vulnerable to sunlight), and at least a 5 hour ride from civilization (bodaks are slow).

Under New Management: The proprietor of the Halfhouse Inn and Tavern has apparently fallen on hard times; she’s had enough financial difficulties that she’s had to sell out to a Mr. Farl Gillson.

Stampede at the Market: A team of horses broke loose on the Main Road through Midergard, injuring several people and killing some.

Murder in Midergard: A thug was found brutally murdered in an alley alongside a seedier establishment in the Merchant’s District of Midergard.

Prophecy of Evil: An old man (presumably mad and homeless) began wandering about the streets of Midergard, raving about the rise of ‘workers of great and terrible evil’ – the imp known as Seyton said he was tasked with killing said prophet after about 6 hours time.

Imperial Coin: A pair of freelancers, one called “Devargo” (probably from Vargo, at least by descent) and the other named Marco Sczarii, were staying in a room at the Waystead Inn, arguing about something involving dwarves (or at least “the dwarfhold”), and apparently had business with a Senator.

The Elf-Clad Barman: The proprietor of the Waystead Inn was in possession of several elvish trappings (for a human), including a set of magic doors, womens’ clothing, and a suit of magic leather armor. Some portraits suggest that the barman married an elf, but a few oddities fail to add up, such as the condition of her clothes, in light of her absence. A half-elf youth was attempting to help him escape his fate.

Plots, Plans, and Schemes

Kill the Priest: The priest who tricked Big Daddy must die. The plan is to lure him into a secluded alley out of sight (and hearing) and ambush him. Little Sister will pretend to be a little girl, and Lore will pretend to be a farmer and the little girl’s father. LS will pretend to be “Lost” – a key word to let Big Daddy know when to attack. Nox will stand point guard. They will then take the severed head to the priest’s sister to reunite them – permanently.

Investigate the Neighbors: The party wants to know what’s the commotion about in the Waystead Inn. The plan is for Lore to gain entrance and try to learn what he can by impersonating the proprietor. The others are assumed to be standing watch in case things turn south. Good thing Big Daddy has a good memor- ….

Collateral Damage

Wanted: Big Daddy, Little Sister, Lore, and Nox are all wanted for the debauched murder of a priest of Jelears and the attempted murder of an officer (though not by name, and only Big Daddy and Nox’s depictions are anywhere near accurate). City and town watches in the Forsym region are being instructed to look out for a group of four people including an armored man, a half-ogre, a halfling or child, and a humanoid who may be in disguise.

Enemies of the State: By convoluted consequence of various party members’ actions, the party has banded together to eliminate a barman on the road north of Midergard. After a lengthy chase and multiple near escapes on the part of their quarry, they’ve realized that not all commoners are “commoners”.

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