House Rules

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These Rules may be changed, but generally not without prior discussion and consensus by the party. As per the DM Contract, I shall try to be a tyrant in name only.

Posting Rules.

Required: For a post to count towards experience it must contain all of the following:

Post Number To make XP calculation easy on the DM who has to deal with up to 6 posts per person per day, please put the Post Number on the first line of your post. This should reset each day (12:01am Pacific Standard Time).
Character Name While this will usually be obvious, for ease of response by the DM who has to deal with up to 6 posts per person per day, please put your character’s name on the first line of your post.
In character comments Any text in a post is considered to be In Character (IC) unless preceeded by OOC:. Switching between IC: and OOC: is allowed provided that the voices are differentiated. IC posts can be as short as a single sentence, but no longer than two or three paragraphs.
Dice Rolls There should be exactly six(6) d20 rolls included in every post; they can be in any order. Unless you take 10 or 20, I will be selecting from the posted rolls; if your post requires more than six rolls, please break it into two or more posts. I reserve the right to pick rolls in any order, but will usually select the first one randomly.

Optional: Your post can also include the following, but it is not required:

Out Of Character OOC: comments do not affect your character. This tag must come before any in-line questions in any post, or the question will be assumed as coming from your character, and the NPC’s will respond accordingly.
Skill Rolls Indicate all skill uses with brackets and include your running bonus (including temporary modifiers, armor check penalties, known circumstance bonuses, etc., but not unknown variables: [].
Example: Tordek looks keenly at the treasure, appraising its value [Appraise: +10, +2 bonus if stone or metal].

The World

OOC: So, I am here showing an example of how to create a post. I will be putting the names of NPCs acting in a post at the beginning. I may be putting more than one character in a given post. If this is the case I will be replacing the normal In Character tag with the NPC’s name.

IC: The sun sets slowly over the horizon, ushering in the darkness that many of your have been waiting months for. The new moon sheds little light on your activities, and the world waits breathless for your first words to appear.

Rolls: 19, 20, 14, 10, 1, 2

OOC: Normally I will not be showing my own rolls here. In responses to you, I will let you know the roll I used and the result. I may, or may not, tell you what the DC or AC you were trying to beat. It will depend on the situation.

Sample Post Format – feel free to steal, but substitute your own info; suggested, not required.

Play by post Combat

Required: When posting in combat, observe the following:

  • Include only one round’s actions. A combat round can have 1 standard action, 1 move action, 1 swift action, and any number (within reason) of free actions. You need to include 2 damage rolls per damage source.
  • Include all known relevant modifiers (e.g. skill, attack, damage, etc. modifiers) as applicable; post the running bonus (as with skills). You may post a few frequently used modifiers if you wish, but please don’t post your entire character sheet.
  • Post your current reserves (hp, spells remaining, ammo left, ongoing effect counters, etc.) when you start using them (e.g. from the first time you take damage or cast a spell).

Optional: Complex actions:

  • If your actions are contingent on something simple (e.g. on knowing what your foe is), you may post in a “if, else” manner (be reasonable).
  • If your actions are contingent on something complex, PM me, but keep it brief (if it’s very brief you are likely looking at a simple contingency).

Daily Post Limit.

I will accept the first four posts on any given day for experience. Under special circumstances I will apply posts above four to the previous day’s total. A day is considered to run from 12:01 AM mountain time until 12:00 AM Pacific Time. There is a hardcap of 6 posts per day; any posts over that hardcap will penalize XP (I can’t delete other posts, and I expect the host is much too busy to keep up with that).

Skill Use Caveat

Only logical skill usages will be applied toward your experience gain. No using acrobatics to travel from one town to the next in order to game the system. See Experience.

Gaming the System

There are ways to game the system of experience that may not (yet) be mentioned in this document. The characters of people caught gaming the system will have a string of bad luck. Characters who die because of this bad luck may or may not be able to be resurrected. A majority of your peers talking on your behalf may incline me toward leniency.

Note: healing magic is rare among evil types, and resurrections especially so; those who do possess such magic are likely opposed to the party’s actions, are likely capable of handling ruffians, and may very well be willing to die before helping a miscreant.

All this being said, regular players will hopefully reach level 20 in a year or two. That is a very fast rate for most Pathfinder campaigns.


People are not considered part of a scene (thread) until they post in the scene. This serves numerous functions, not the least is that it will ensure everyone is aware that the scene exists, and that they acknowledge their presence there.

Until someone enters the scene, please do not reference them. You can simply post an OOC if you are waiting for someone else to post before you enter a scene.

NPC Party Members

The level of all NPC members of the party will be equal to the APL of the party, and will increase when the APL of the party increases.

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