Religion and Cosmology

The world is set within the standard cosmology/multiverse for D&D and Pathfinder. The inner planes, outer planes, transitional planes, etc. all function normally. This game is not currently expected to deal with things like Sigil or the Planescape setting at large. The world is assumed by those who know anything to occupy such a remote corner of the multiverse that canon events (like the Spellplague) are remote, haven’t happened yet, or never did.

As far as laymen know (i.e. the PCs), the local deities are the only deities that exist, and
are responsible for the world and everything in it. However, anyone who has been
around “stodgy religious types” long enough has heard of “cults” that
utter “outlandish,” “heretical,” and “blasphemous” teachings.

Local Deities:

Gods of Order || Gods Disorganized || Gods of Chaos

Standard Deities:

See the Pathfinder wiki for general info.

Those versed in the greater mysteries of some religions know
that the world has been sealed off from the greater multiverse
by the work of the local gods. Therefore, most of the Outsider
Deities cannot manifest their power the way the can in other
worlds. However, a few Outsider Deities are known or rumored
to be worshipped in the world anyway; these include:

  • Lolth
  • Moradin/Torag
  • Sarenrae
  • Gruumsh

By a similar token, some Outsider Deities are most definitely
not worshipped, and knowledge of them is non-existent; these

  • Asmodeus
  • Vecna

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Religion and Cosmology

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