Nugg Poi


Nugg Poi is what the two dominant peoples: men and orcs, call the continent on which they live, and thrive, and wage war. Actually, the men call themselves the Nugg-Hann and the continent (world) just “Nugg”; that is, they are “the people of Nugg”; the orcs call the world “Paoi” and themselves the “Poi” or “the people” (more accurately “the race”). The perpetual war, like a blood feud, is the primary reason the Kileana Empire calls the land “Scizvana”, meaning “the cut land” or “the land divided,” and has established a province there: the Sczarii province. None of the natives have demonstrated knowledge of other continents (except for the coming of Imperial ships).

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Imperial explorers have sighted no sea worthy ships belonging to either of the dominant factions, though the fair-skinned Nugg men employ a fleet of coastal ships. The continent is very much one of extremes. To the north are the perpetually glaciered mountains, called the Iripois Mountains and home (mostly) to the dark-skinned (often black-skinned) orcs; to the south is the equally inhospitable Manug Valley, what in the common tongue should be called “the mouth of fire.”

The footsteppes of the “fangs of ice” (the Iripois Mountain Range) are suitable for grazing cattle, but are dominated by wild beasts known to Kileanans as buffalo. South of the “mouth of fire” spread a network of coastal waterways with shorelines suitable for swamp farming; the Nugg seem to subsist heavily on rice. Between the north and the south is a great jungle-forest, with trees in some places rising to heights comparable to the highest hilltops; raiders and war parties of both factions traverse this haunted place to strike at their neighbor, to hunt for food, and to collect or harvest material from the forest (i.e. flora & timber).

The Major Factions

Nearly a century ago, Imperial explorers first reported findings of a highly cultured people who had discovered stolen wondrous feats from Imperial alchemists and sages; among these were printed books and fireworks. A new duchy was carved out, called the Sczarii Province, and the lead explorer, a man named Marco, was granted lordship over the new province for his invaluable service to the Empire; to this day, Duke Marco Sczarii is an Imperial hero. In the name of the empire, expeditions were undertaken to secure and harvest what resources could be found; the chief export from the Sczarii Province at present is the slave trade, thanks to the convenient domestication of the Nugg civilization by their own culture.

The Poi orcs were invaluable in subjugating the Nugg-Hann, and for their aid they too were rewarded: with enslavement. Though brutish and stupid, little more than animals, the orcs of the Iripois Mountains have proven to be a strong and hardy commodity; while the Nugg-Hann prove useful in more delicate services, the orcs are very useful for hard labor. Since then other factions have been discovered; there are now believed to be five significant factions in Scizvana:

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