Lay of the Land


This story begins within the Imperial Republic of Kileana, currently under the rule of his Eternal Imperial Majesty Alain Hyms’l, and has been for at least the past five centuries. Technically the laws are established by the Senate, which is elected from the nobility, but it is no secret that the Emperor has final authority, even if no longer in name.

The Empire covers a vast expanse of land, anchored on what were once independent city states; a confederation actually, but it does not control the entirety of the continent. Even now there are territories whose denizens seek to thwart the Emperor’s hand; they are called the Outer Territories, and the Emperor mounts another war to solidify the Empire’s claim on one of them at least once in a century. One such territory is rumored to be a vast, cavernous expanse beneath the surface called Underkiln, where peoples of darkness reside.

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Lay of the Land

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