Halifax is the City by the Sea; a great city since the formation of the Empire, its prosperity relies on the wind and the waves; the primary industries are fishing (and whaling), sea trade, and the Imperial Navy (including the shipyards). Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the city has a wide reputation as a sailor’s town, as the greatest imports by far are beer and whisky (of all sorts), and therefore the city also has a wide reputation for being a “town of good company.”

The city-state of Halifax differs from the others in that the city and state really are one and the same, whereas the other states refer predominantly to a region, the outlying settlements near Halifax are not legally incorporated into the state, which does have ramifications on the export/import business. Like the other major city-states, Halifax is a very old city, easily pre-dating the empire; it’s origins and roots like with Sir Edmund Halifax, or Edmund the Explorer as he is more widely known in the histories; for his efforts Sir Halifax was made a Duke and Commodore, to the eternal gratitude of the empire.


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