Forsym is one of the original city states of Kileana, and was the third to be taken when the Emperor first began to conquer the other city states. It was held by the same family until a couple of years ago when the present baroness outlived her husband, the heir to the family line. The Emperor has allowed her to continue to rule in Forsym even though the rumors about how the Baron died usually feature the Baroness in a prominent role.


  • Anronel’s Crossing is an inconspicuous thorp-sized river crossing about 200 miles from Forsym City; seven days by carriage. Located some distance above the major border town of Blackwood Harbor, the community lies on the Forsym banks of the Black River and is a minor outpost that serves as one of the ferry crossings between the two Territories.
  • Blackwood Harbor is a relatively major port town on the Black River that sees the most direct trade and traffic into Valden; it lies at the end of the Forsym Highway nearest the Imperial Capital, Isthnea. In addition, Blackwood Harbor also has routes along the Blackwood Coast and the greater Kileana Bay; unlike most towns in Forsym, it thrives on trade primarily.
  • Forest Glade is the name of a small farm town about 12 miles south by southeast of Forsym City by road. The town has sprung up in the midst of the South Forsym Forest around what is yet a secluded cathedral to Jelears the Fruitful; its inhabitants worship The Goddess primarily.
  • Henenfeld is a modest village about 45 miles along the Ashenil Road that travels north from Midergard around west to the North Forsym Road. Most horse-drawn vehicles make the trek in two days because of the rugged terrain in the northeastern part of Forsym. The village acts as a hub for local farming communities, much to the profit of Baron Henemon, who resides in a fortified manor house.
  • Midergard is a larger crossroads town on the highway between Forsym City and Blackwood Harbor. Anronel’s Crossing can be reached indirectly from the crossroad that passes through, as can Forest Glade. In addition to trade, traffic, and commerce, Midergard has a thriving apple industry and is one of the larger centers of theology in Forsym.

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