Forest Glade

The small town of Forest Glade has built up around a well-apportioned cathedral to Jelears that is obviously older than most of the surrounding wooden buildings. One of the bigger towns in Forsym, it seems that over one thousand people live and work here, not including the outlying farmers who might come in from time to time to buy and sell, for the occaisional festivals, or conduct whatever other business they may have. The town is divided into three main districts, each one corresponding physically, if not spiritually, to one of the sides of the central cathedral. The cathedral appears to be the center of Forest Glade not just physically, but also spiritually, politically, and economically.

North of the cathedral is a predominantly business district, including a wide market square that usually sees a healthy bustle about the streets and square here; most of the shops, stores, warehouses, guildhouses, and other businesses can be found here. The buildings are of mixed composition, some all wood, some all brick or stone, some a hodge-podge of materials. Most buildings in this district are only two stories tall, but a couple of large buildings are as high as three stories and several are only one story hovels. One building, a granary, is even four stories tall, rivaling the cathedral itself for status of tallest building in town. The government and security building is located in this district also; closer to the temple and the wealthy district.

To the southwest of the cathedral is a mostly residential district composed primarily of single story shacks, with the occasional first floor shop topped by living space above; an obviously impoverished district. This district has huts ranging in quality from slums, tents, and broken down shacks, to fair-quality houses of wood with small front yards. One section is a two-story apartment building complex that includes what is locally known as The Dwarven Quarter, though both dwarves and gnomes reside there.

The southeast district is the more affluent neighborhood of Forest Glade, consisting mostly of two-story brick houses styled like minor manors or mansions. A series of multi-storied mansions leads up to a modest, decrepit looking keep. The ruins of a curtain wall suggest that the keep was once a castle proper, but the only persistent remains are the battered solitary remnants of the square tower.

The Forest Glade Cathedral
The cathedral is built around a basalt spire in the standard triangular floor-plan favored by the clerics of Jelears; for they, like their god(dess), recognize the tripartite nature of their deity. The clerics would normally stay in a dormitory in the center of the building, but the normal internal courtyard is completely consumed by the basalt spire, which is being worked into the shape of a tall, triangular obelisk.

There is a ramshackle wooden building across from the face of the cathedral’s long wing which has a number of people going into and out of it, some of which are wearing the garb of pilgrims. Given its proximity, and the constant stream of people in and out, the building across the street from the cathedral is likely the bordello that would normally be in the center of a cathedral to Jelears. It seems to be very much in the open here, which is strange to those familiar with the tenets of The Goddess, for her adherents are usually more discrete.

The Forest Glade Ruins
To the southeast of the Forest Glade Cathedral rises the wealthier district along one of the outlying foothills of the South Forsym Ridge. On top of the hill sits the abandoned ruins of an ancient castle, destroyed long ago during the Emperor’s conquest of Forsym.

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Forest Glade

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