Dungeon Master's Contract

As your Dungeon Master, I will uphold the following as much as is humanly possible. I swear no formal oath of honor, but shall simply strive to let my “yes” be yes and my “no” no, to always keep this agreement so you as players can trust in my role and rule as your guide through these adventures:

1) I will always remain as fair and impartial as possible. I will not take sides or favor one player/character over another, insofar as reasonable, but neither will I ensure that everyone has the exact same gold count, kill total, XP, power level, or other measure of success. I will simply refrain from unduly and unjustly discriminating when I impede players and their characters.

2) I will recognize and reward every successful encounter appropriately. I will not make the party fall victim to DM Ex Machina. If you manage to overcome overwhelming obstacles, then not even the DM can or will dispute your victory. However, there will likely be mitigating circumstances (i.e. luck, favorable vantage, etc.) that I will necessarily consider. This is to preserve game balance, pace, and believability, among other things.

3) I reserve the right to pour out my wrath.

4) I will happily take your suggestions, requests, and constructive criticisms into consideration, and will incorporate them whenever viable, according to my discretion.

5) I will incorporate all PC backstories into the plot of my campaign as much as possible.

6) Deus Ex Machina (unexplained resolutions) will be used sparingly if at all, and only to further the story.

7) Although Rule Zero is in effect, I will generally defer judgment to the Pathfinder SRD, unless corruption of the SRD is evident. Disputes shall be discussed here and their resolutions shall be logged here. Disputes must be backed by either a published rule, empirical data, or some other form of evidence. If I am wrong (which is entirely possible), then I will alter or rescind my ruling accordingly.

8) House rules, which can be found on the Rules page, take precedence over all other rules. Notification of changes to any rules or this agreement will be sent to all players. I reserve the right to leave an issue to player vote, and in such case I shall have one and only one vote; as DM I also reserve the right to decide any ties.

Your’s in Evil,

P.S. I will be leaving these terms open to discussion until 4/15, unless I otherwise provide an extension. See the forum.

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Dungeon Master's Contract

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