Anronel's Crossing

The inconspicuous hamlet called Anronel’s Crossing is a minor outpost that serves as one of the ferry crossings between Forsym and Valden. The community lies on the Forsym hillside bank of the Black River, within a sheltered depression of the dividing mountain range: an extension of the Ashen Foothills; it is one of the few secondary river crossings between the two Territories. Anronel’s Crossing is about 200 miles from Forsym City; seven days by carriage, and some 60 miles or so north of Blackwood Harbor.

A half-elf named Anronel established the crossing as a convenient shortcut between northern Forsym and northern Valden some time after the “union” of the Kileana City-States; it takes advantage of a double-bend in the river that cuts water speed down to a reasonable pace. 9 structures are focused around the ferry crossing; the best of them a solidly built communal building made from strong wooden planks with a thatched roof; there can’t be more than 50 people who call this place home. The air is moist here, and fog often rolls in off of the river.

Two mountain roads lead into the crossing. One cuts through Randlepass in the low mountains and leads to Midergard and Forsym City (among other settlements in the inner part of Forsym). The other road travels through the southern length of the range and out to the lower plains, continuing on to Blackwood Harbor; it does not get used very often, and is rumored to be a hideaway for lawless types: brigands, and worse.

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Anronel's Crossing

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