Paradox Box

A Paradox in a Box


Few things about this mystical cube are currently known, and many of it’s tactile and material descriptions seem to contradict themselves. The box feels exceedingly solid and dense; given it’s size (within 6" on a side) it should be much heavier: on the order of 500 pounds, yet it is as easy to lift as a duckling’s down feather. The box’s dimensions always seem to shift; always appearing longer in the perspective dimension (i.e. taller when viewed from above, deeper from the front, wider from the side). The runes (glyphs, symbols, etc.) burn to the touch while the box simultaneously freezes; a number of these symbols are representations of of paradoxes, such as the self-feeding waterfall. Despite its glassy smooth texture, the box feels almost painfully rough and abrasive as the coarsest sandpaper; though it feels soft as a wisp of cloud, it doesn’t yield in the slightest. The color of the box is bright black; like obsidian radiating darkness that illuminates the immediate surroundings (i.e. within 1/2"). The box is believed to have an incredible amount of power, and may have the ability to do nearly anything.

Among the abilities & properties it has apparently illustrated to date:

  • localized time reversal
  • construction of a communal Dreamscape
  • transmutation of humans to ogres
  • telepathic communication of a consciousness from the box, or through the box, to a dying adventurer.
  • possibly making another adventurer disappear
  • possible granting of wishes

Yet this promises to be only the tip of the Iceberg as far as it’s abilities are concerned.

The box does not register as having a good alignment, though this has not actually been put together yet. That is, Lore has no clue if the box has an alignment, and Saz knows that Lore has something very magical that is not good-aligned (but doesn’t know what that may be).


The Box was awarded to Lore as payment for the task which the Baroness had placed before him.

When asked how it came to her she said only that she acquired it herself, and that it was the first step she took in “getting to where [she is] now.” Curiously, she recognizes that it is not the box, but what’s inside the box that gives it its properties; but as she doesn’t know what’s inside the box, she is unsure whether or not the box itself possesses the remarkable traits exhibited. At least, this is what she’s told Lore.

Paradox Box

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