Infernal Amulet

An amulet that absorbs divine energy.


This icon appears to be wrought from reddish brass in the shape of a disfigured, anguished, humanoid face with horns twisting to the sides, somewhat like bulls’ horns, and was crafted by devilry to absorb divine power from nearby sources. The amulet can hold a maximum of 14 Spell Levels; a 1st level spell takes 1 slot, a 2nd level spell takes 2 slots, a 3rd level spell takes 3 slots; the amulet cannot hold spells greater than 3rd level. Trapped spells may be released by a devil or profane caster as if they had cast the spell. In order to absorb a spell, the amulet must be within 5’ of a spellcaster and the amulet can only absorb divine spells of 3rd level or lower, with a casting time of one round or less; metamagic spells may be absorbed as long as their effective level does not exceed 3rd. The original caster is entitled to a DC 20 caster level check to allow the spell to be cast normally. All divine spells (withing range) are subject to this infernal drain, but those spells of effective levels higher than fourth are simply lost for good.

Current Spells Stored:

1st – Cure Light Wounds (CL 3) x3, Cure Light Wounds (CL 6) x6.

2nd – 0

3rd – 0


The Infernal Amulet draws in and consumes divine energy from all sources originating within 5 ft. and stores that energy in the form of the spell it was intended to generate, unless that spell is greater than 3rd, in which case the spell dissipates and is permanently lost. Devils and profane clergy can activate the amulet to use the spells stored within. The amulet has a limited capacity; when full, spells that cannot be stored (e.g. for being higher level than space allows for) are lost permanently; this limit was once much greater, having been fashioned for a greater devil but the amulet was damaged and now only functions at a limited capacity; it was therefore gifted to Wyrdloge by his uncle (a salty old devil of ingenious cunning).

Infernal Amulet

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