Masterwork Black Iron Longsword

weapon (melee)

Octavia is Deathmorn’s current wielder.

Basic Properties

  • As a masterwork weapon, all attack rolls made with it gain a +1 enhancement bonus.
  • This weapon counts as a cold iron weapon for all beneficial purposes (e.g. overcoming DR).

Intelligent Item Properties

  • Languages: Common, Special*
  • Senses: Vision & Hearing 30’.
  • Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +1, Perception -2
  • Saves: Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +2; (Unless wielder’s are better).
  • Empathy: As an intelligent item, Deathmorn is able to encourage or discourage actions by conveying urges & emotions.
  • Telepathy: As a Bladebound, Octavia can communicate telepathically with Deathmorn (her Black Blade) while possessing it.

Black Blade Abilities

  • Alertness: Octavia gains the Alertness feat while wielding Deathmorn.
  • Black Strike: +1 damage for 1 minute. Cost: 1 point.
  • Unbreakable: A black blade cannot be broken while it has at least 1 point in its Arcane Pool.

Arcane Pool: 1

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Deathmorn is thinner, more slender, and longer than the average longsword; its exquisite blade is black as obsidian or onyx, and shimmers like a thousand twinkling stars in moonless starlight. The forked hilt is fashioned in the likeness of great recurve horns charred blacker than coal (those who know liken it to a black dragon’s skull); dark, coffin-shaped rubies are affixed within the horntips: like tears of blood. Between the hilts is a hollow so dark that no light escapes it, circled about by tiny black iron spikes like some tooth-filled demon’s maw, and in the pommel is set a black gem with the shape of a two-faced skull. The handle is tightly bound with leather the color of dark, dried blood, bordered and stitched in black, and scarred by fire along its length (to the insided), where stitches once had the task, Devengrouxapharlitch is barely discernible thanks to the arcanist’s script in which it is written (an older version of draconic, or some such language).

Devengrouxapharlitch (“Deh-ven-graouks-afar-litch”) is Deathmorn’s true name, but the sword has also gone by Starskiron amongst the dwarves, and Stromsk amongst the giants; “Deathmorn” is the common translation of the elven name.

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