Calvin the Butchers Letter

Letter to Calvins Cousin


Dear Cousin,

I have recently run into a snag at that mine me and my business associates appropriated a few years back. A contingent of Dwarves have come and forced their way into our mine a few months back. They killed two in three of us leaving us with too small of a force to take it back. They have started shipping the silver out and have built a gate house at the entrance of the mine to keep us out. I know you might still be mad at me for some of the tricks I played on you when we’s was little, but hey we be family. If you can gather some mercenaries together and take back the mine for us we would be really greatful and pay you 1000 gp for the deal being done. If you happen to capture some of those pesky Dwarves too then we can put em to work and pay you 10gp per dwarf on top of your fee. Also if you happen to capture the entire mine with minimal damage we’ll pay your group 2% of the mines income. So think it over and if you agree then accompany the messenger back to our camp and we’ll give you all the details about the mines garrison.

Your Cousin,

Calvin the Butcher


Calvin the Butchers Letter

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