Marco Sczarii

An unpleasant looking fellow who nevertheless carries himself with the aura of an aristocrat or artist.


Marco can best be described as . . . toady. His face is flat and wide and clearly suggests an inferior intellect. His voice likewise comes across as sniveling, groveling; a debtor, whelp, servant, or other easily-cowed slime-ball. His black hair is relatively short and unstylish, merely combed across the front of his face the way a disfigured or disabled child might. His wide nose more closely resembles a pig’s snout than anything humanoid (though orcs, ogres, and goblinoids often share such features). He is otherwise a bit lanky, sinewy; a man of evident dexterity and resilience (if only modestly). He apparently prefers fine things, and may be of noble blood, or otherwise maintains aristocratic resourcesto use for his various endeavors.

When encountered in the Waystead Inn, he was seen wearing the trappings that a young adventuring noble might; a sturdy and fine leather vest (light brown), a white (off-white) shirt with lace or other fancy cuffs as some nobles and (other) pirates are stereotypically fond of wearing; black trousers apparently suitable for action, adorned with a red belt-sash in which his rapier (a finely wrought specimen) was tucked. He had also a fine hand crossbow tucked away, a smallish leather satchel or messenger’s bag, and a silver disc-shaped medallion strung on a fine chain hung about his neck.


Very little is known about the man called Marco Sczarii. Besides his description and association with a combative individual, the now late Barvasi Devargo, few things are known about him.

  • A brief speech sample suggests that he is at least slightly more educated than his partner.
  • He apparently doesn’t like dwarves.
  • Was apparently in a position to be heavily influenced by Devargo.
  • Was cursed by Devargo just before the latter died.
  • Can apparently drive a carriage.

It is unclear whether he was just a sidekick (suggested by his private interaction with Devargo), or a mastermind in his own right (suggested by his execution of a plan and Devargo’s last words).

Given that he made off with the treasure-laden carriage belonging to the Baroness Eliana Forsym, there is bound to be at least some hope of seeing him again – if only to settle the score.

Marco Sczarii

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